Workout: 10_15_2020

Yesterday was a great day of training. Today we take a step back from intensity and focus on building strong legs in the strength portion and controlling our pace in the work.

Warm up

  • 2x: Supine scorpion x 4 + hip hinge x 10 + wide stance air squat x 10

  • 3x: Jumping jacks x 10 + dive bomber push ups x 5 + Forward lunge OH Reach x 4

  • 20/10 x 5 squat jump/squat hold


1) 2x: KB RDL x 10 + Band walks x 15/15 + SA OH Squat x 5/5

2) 4x: 25 barbell back squats + rest x 30s

3) 3x: Elevated step back lunges w/knee drive x 8 + elbow plank band pulls x 10/10


1) 5 min. Ski. S/M below 40 with pace at or below 2:00/2:20

2) 4x: High knee toe taps on box x 20 + Barbell bent row x 10 + yoga push up with toe touch x 10

The work is not meant to be as fast as possible. Take your time, perform the movements under control and correctly.

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