Workout: 10_14_2021

Warm up

1) 1x: Forward lunge stretch 1 minute each side. Move around, find hot spots.

2) 2x: supine scorpion x 4 + dive bomber push ups x 5 + prone chest stretch x 4


1) 3x:

  • Single leg RDL with dumbbells x 5/5
  • Weighted lateral lunges x 8
  • Weighted windmill x 3/3


With a partner, complete the following: Before each section, complete a 650m Row. Challenge yourself on the weightlifting sections. Strength movements should not be done for speed.

1) 100 DB Bench press

2) 100 Goblet Squats

3) 100 Push ups (deficit or weighted if more challenge is needed)

4) 100 FFE jumping lunges (lightly weighted)

5) 100 KB Swings

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