Workout: 10_13_2021

Warm Up

  • Body rock x 2 minutes

  • High knees/Butt kicks/single leg hops/bounding/A-skips/crawls

  • HS walk/kick up practice


1) 3x: Band side shuffle >< + Hanging flutter kicks (or alt. knee raises) x 15s + L-sit or knee tuck hold x 10s

2) 3x: DB transfer x 10 + feet elevated side plank dip x 12/12 + slider push ups x 6/6


2x each then back to top for 1x each:

P1) 12/15 cal bike P2) Goblet carry >< x 2

P1) KB Jump Squats x 12 P2) Weighted sit ups x 10

P1) HS hold x 30s P2) Slider crawls with knee drive ><

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