Workout: 10_11_2021

Warm up

  • 3x: Supine scorpion x 10 + air squats x 10 + standing knee circles x 10f/10b

  • 2x: leg elevated hamstring stretch x 20s/20s + figure 4 x 20s/20s

  • Couch stretch x 1m each side + pigeon x 90s each side


4x: 40s barbell back squat + 20s rest at top. Keep barbell on back. If weighted, no more than 65#.

3-4x: Wide stance GM x 12 + 20s max rep leaning calf raises + Dual DB walking lunges x 16


  1. 4x: Ski x 200 + plate push ><. Rest 90s between sets and go fast during work.

  2. 3x: V-ups x 10 + Side v-ups x 10/10 + Superman x 10
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