Why you aren’t seeing results from your workouts

Why you aren’t seeing results from your workouts

Here’s the scenario: You go to the gym 3-4 times per week. You work really hard (this is relative) you sweat a lot (this has to count for something, right?) and you even instagram it so everyone knows you went. But for some reason, you still aren’t getting results, why not?

In this quick write up, I’m going to give you some reasons why you aren’t seeing results from you workouts.

1) Your intensity level has stayed the same since, well, forever. If you want to get results you have to adjust your intensity level as you get in better shape. On the treadmill? Bump that speed or incline up. Lifting weights? Think about working every muscle fiber in the body every time you lift. If you’re doing a curl, you’d better be squeezing your abs and legs tight. It’s not just a curl you’re doing, you are making the entire body work. If you’re squatting, flex your legs, abs back and shoulders as you lift. Leave every muscle tired in your body. Stop thinking about it as only legs, or upper body. For now one, every time you lift, you are using your entire body to make that happen.

2) You are not cycling through your weight training in order to see gains in strength. In order to constantly challenge the body, you must perform cycles of training that have an end goal in mind. For example, if you are wanting to increase your squat strength, if you do the same weight and same reps every time you go to the gym, you are going to reach a plateau very quickly. You must challenge your body so that it is required to adapt to new loads or volume each week in regards to your final goal.

3) You swear your nutrition is, “great!” but the fact you workout 4x/week and haven’t lost weight says something totally different (this goes for over consumption of alcohol as well). It’s time to stop lying to yourself about how healthy your eating is. Yes, you may have one or two quality meals during the day, but the snacking, over eating, under eating, and consumption of crap food and weekly alcohol out does your workouts. Track your food/alcohol, be honest about it, all of it, and find someone who can help you make adjustments. Maybe what you think is good for you really isn’t but you have no idea because you just don’t know, and that’s ok. As long as you reach out to someone who does know in order to get help.

It’s amazing how many people over the years have said these exact words to me, “I eat healthy and I’ve been exercising but I’m still not losing weight”. Now you’re going to give me a medical reason some people may not lose weight, but the truth is, people who suffer from a disorder that doesn’t allow them to lose weight with exercise and a healthy diet are a very, and I mean very, small percentage of the population.

If you find that you have been training, but you aren’t seeing results from your workouts, one of these reasons may be why you haven’t seen your “gains” or “losses”. But remember, changes take time. The most important thing we can all do is deploy patience in our goals. Nothing will come easy, it will all take hard work, but we must be patient in order to see them happen.

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