Success Story: Kevin’s Weight loss

Coach Courtney de Leon is an incredible coach especially when it comes to writing food plans that go with your goals. This success story is no different. Check out Kevin’s awesome transformation in only 4 weeks of changing his nutrition.

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Coach Courtney can only be the guide, Kevin had to make the changes, not cheat the program, and put in the work in the gym as well. In only 4 weeks of making big nutritional changes he lost 15lbs, dropped 4% body fat and 9 overall inches. No, this was not a starvation diet. Kevin even mentions it not feeling like a diet. This is about understanding what your body needs to operate all day, it’s about hydration and constantly giving your body the fuel it needs to thrive!

We could say more, but Kevin wrote this awesome testimony on his experience with Coach Courtney helping change is nutrition.

From Kevin:

“You’ll get as much out of Courtney’s services as you put in. There is no trick and I wouldn’t even consider her program a diet. You’ll learn to treat your body like a performance vehicle. Make sure it receives the fuel it needs and it will perform above your expectations. The adjustments aren’t easy but the proof is in the pudding. I’m healthier, happier and can workout so much harder than I could before. My previous workout regimen was practically identical for the previous 3-4 months. The changes in quantity (EAT MORE!) and quality (real vs junk) of food transformed not just my physical appearance but I had more energy, slept better, and felt more rested.”

Kevin is not the first or the last person to not only train with us, but also have Coach Courtney design meals plans specific to his needs. When you are truly ready to make changes in your nutrition, you can set up a consultation with Coach Courtney for details on her program.

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