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Did you know OTL Fitness had a YouTube Channel? That’s right, we are part of the other millions of “fitness experts” that have one. The difference? We’re not feeding you nonsense and “easy ways to get six pack abs”. The OTL Fitness YouTube Channel is about sharing our knowledges as coaches and trainers both in and outside of fitness.

Lately Coach Travis and myself, Coach David, have been recording 2–3 of our weekly workouts and posting full demos and coaching cue videos on the OTL Fitness YouTube Channel. All you have to do is get on, check us out and do the workouts. Change things up as needed and make the work happen.

Remember, the best routine is the one you are consistent with. No magic pills or easy way around doing the work and now we are giving it to you. No more excuses.

So check out the OTL Fitness YouTube Channel, do the work, get the results.

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