Your attitude affects your workouts

Your attitude affects your workouts

Your attitude affects you workout

How getting your mind right can change the game for you and your peers

We all know that our attitude can affect the way we live our lives. If we approach our day to day with a positive attitude, things seem to go much better for us than when we start off on a negative note. This same principal applies at the gym as well. With this in mind, have you considered how your attitude affects your workout and the workout of those around you?

You may not see it happening, but as a coach I see it ever day. One persons attitude can completely change the environment of a class. It only takes one person coming in saying negative things like, “I didn’t even want to come today” or “This workout is gonna suck” to change everyones attitude. On the other side, when everyone comes in with the mentality of, “I’m here to workout hard, that’s what I signed up for”, things seem to run much smoother and the environment is so much more fun!

Speaking for all the coaches out there, here is my request. First, always come in with a positive attitude. Even if your day hasn’t been great, use this 1 hour to not worry about it. You signed up to be here and it was your choice to show up that day. Don’t ruin others people workout by being a bump on a log. Second, when you walk in with your good attitude, spread the love. Let everyone know how well they’re going to do. Lastly, always be aware. Be aware of the Debbie downer and stay away. You control your mood, don’t let anyone else do that for you.

Remember, the gym is a place of release. Don’t bring your troubles to the gym and place them on others. Come in and use the energy of those troubles to work hard, have fun and improve the person you were when you got to the gym.



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