What is your why?

What is your why?

What is your why?

We all have one, we just might not know it

Why do you go to the gym? What keeps you coming back each and every day? Some may say it is the coaching, or the people, or the workouts, but I think it goes far beyond those factors. We all have a very strong why that goes deeper than those examples but we tend to keep it buried. Some may be embarrassed to say it, others may not even know it is there. But discovering your why and being open about it can really take your effort, and your determination to the next level.

I think everyone should have a why for life and for the things they do at least 2x/week. Some examples of these “things” are: Work, school, life, gym. If you attend one of those events 2x/week or more, you better have a strong why or else you are just wasting your time.  Too many times we fall off because we either don’t know our why or our why just isn’t strong enough to keep us going.

For me my why is simple and to some it may be considered vain, but I workout because I want my body to look great. Yes, I want to move well and be strong, but I take pride in the way I look. I believe when we feel as though we look great, we carry ourselves differently and it gives us a greater since of confidence (Remember, this is my belief, it’s not truth). I don’t want the same physique as a body builder, I just want to look and feel awesome.

Now we all have a different why and some of us have multiple whys, but we have them none the less. I urge you to discover yours. It can be anything at all as long as it is important to you. Once you truly discover your real “why” making better decisions based around that becomes much easier. So dig deep, discover your why, write it down and allow it to be your daily motivation in all aspects of life.

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