What are good snacks for work?

What are good snacks for work?

What are good snacks for work?

A quick guide to helping you decide what to snack on during the day

A common question we get when trying to get people on the right path with their nutrition is, What are good snacks for work? Many times the main 3 meals of the day, Breakfast, lunch and dinner are easy to plan for and prepare, but it’s those very important in between meals that seem to give everyone the biggest trouble. So here’s our quick guide to better snacking during the day.

When snacking, it is important we focus on our 3 macronutrients: Proteins (lean meats, some plant based proteins), Fats (nuts, seeds, avocado and Carbohydrates (ex: greens, sweet potato). We should be feeding our bodies these nutrients to help our bodies recover (if you’re working out), maintain our energy levels, and increase our metabolism.

So what does a good snack for work look like? We often recommend the following snack options:

1) A quality beef jerky mixed with almonds. Don’t go crazy here and eat an entire can of almonds and a big sack of beef jerky, it’s only a snack.

2) Avocado wrapped in a quality deli meat

3) Post workout: A baked sweet potato and a few ounces of ground beef

4) A protein shake – This is if you decide to not go the “whole foods” route. Our favorite shake is: Bluebonnet Protein, Almond milke (unsweetened vanilla) mixed with 4 ounces of Chameleon Cold Brew coffee. This is great for a pick-me-up.

5) A veggie smoothie with protein. These can usually be purchased at local juice shops, but a homemade juice smoothie can taste just as great

6) Plain Greek yogurt mixed with a protein that has 20-25g of protein per serving with little to no fat and less than 5g of carbs.

Listed above are 6 snacks you can eat at work, that take very little prep, and are very easy to eat (not a lot of heating up and preparing). As simple as it may seem, many people mess up snacking by eating sugary foods, snacking too much, or not snacking at all. If we want to maintain a healthy metabolism, and one that promotes lean muscle and does not leave us with extra pounds, we have to snack and snack smart.

We hope this helps the next time you ask yourself, “What are good snacks for work?” If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!snacks


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