Courtney De Leon

Courtney De Leon


Coach Courtney De Leon is a natural at coaching for one big reason, her ability to connect with others. As the Director of OTL’s Boot Camps, she constantly plays a role as a leader and motivator to those who take part in her programs. Like any of our coaches, she lives the life she preaches, one of health, wellness and happiness.


Courtney has a passion for helping people. She thrives on seeing her clients and those around her achieve their goals in the safest, most effective way possible.


Courtney loves competing in local Crossfit, Track and Field, and Weightlifting competitions. She is very involved in the fitness community in Austin. It is Courtney’s goal to get her clients strong, healthy, and happy, so they can do the things they love, from their first athletic competition, to picking up their grandkids!

When she is not changing lives, you can find her doing the following:

  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Playing with/Saving Animals
  • Writing nutrition programs!

There is not much you can’t tell about Coach Courtney just by looking at her and watching her in action.


– Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University

– Gym Jones: Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor

– Weightlifting Wise Seminar: The Art of Coaching Weightlifting with Ursula Garza

– Mental Meatheads Seminar with Dan John and Chip Conrad

– American Open Weightlifting Qualifier 2013


  • Of The Lion Boot CampsMon 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Of The Lion Boot CampsWed 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm