Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training at OTL is great for a variety of individuals. Many times those who decide on personal training may want to workout 1-on-1 with a coach because they…

  1. Are coming back from an injury and wanting to start a workout routine.
  2. May need individual attention for weight-loss or weight-loss goals.
  3. Have little to no experience training and want to learn correct form and technique.

Personal training is a great way to introduce yourself back into a workout routine. Don’t let inexperience or inability hold you back, our personal training program is here to help you become better.

What to Expect:

Anyone who begins personal training with one of our coaches will first and foremost be given the highest quality coaching possible. In addition you will…

  1. Have individualized programming directed towards your personal goals.
  2. Be given nutritional advice by your coach to help you reach your goals faster.
  3. Learn proper technique in all movements.


Pricing varies for personal training. Please call us at 512-914-5080 or email us at

How Do I Begin?

If you are ready to begin or would like more information, Call us at 512-914-5080 or fill out the form below:

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