Waxman Super Sliders: Reverse Lunges

Waxman Super Sliders: Reverse Lunges

   Super Slider Reverse Lung Video Demo


We have been implementing Waxman Super Sliders to our workouts in class during out reset phase. The video demo below is for Reverse Lunges. Reverse lunges have provided our athletes the ability to strengthen midline, hips, and quads while being able to strength the hip flexor and psoas as well.

It is important to be aware of deficiencies in your movements during this exercise. Ask yourself questions such as: Is one leg stronger than the other? Is the movements easier on one side compared to the other? Is one hip tighter than the other?

For advancement you can use a plate in the over head position during the reverse lunge. Start light and work your way up as you become more comfortable in the movement.


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