Vacation Workout Day 5

Vacation Workout Day 5

*If you’ve gotten here via the email, today is day 5 not 4!

Vacation workout day 4 is similar to last weeks day 1 but for a longer period of time. Be sure to warm up, stretch and stay out of the comfort zone during the work.

For the cool down, the RDL’s should be lightly weight if possible. Remember, you can use anything here for weight!


Day 5
Warm Up
3 sets:

– 5 down dog > cobra

– 5 Down Dog + Scorpion

– 10 total mt. climbers with forward lunge stretch during each


1-10 air squat

between each set: 5 push ups

Strength Work
45 minute – 60 minute conditioning


Just like last week pick 1 of the 3 and perform for 45-60 minutes. Try to stay above your comfort zone!

Cool down
5 sets:

– 10 RDL Light weight

– 10 Push Ups



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