Vacation Workout – Day 2

Vacation Workout – Day 2

Ok OTL Family I hope day 1 went awesome! You did do it, right? Well, if you have and you are ready for vacation workout day 2, I’ve got you covered!

Day 2 we start getting back into some weights. Now I realize not everyone will have access to weights so I have put a section for you as well!

Get after it and have some fun!

Day 2

Warm Up
3 sets:
– 10 Air squats
– 10 Push Ups
– 10 V-ups

3 sets:
– 10 walking lunges
– 10 RDL Can be with no weight. Focus on technique we always practice
– Plank wave push up x 5 (push up, wave, wave = 1)

Strength Work
If access to weights:

4×6 Back squats

Between sets:
5 strict pull ups

No access to weights:
4 sets:

– 15 x RDL’s ( Use a weight or a gallon jug of water, or anything possible, be creative.)

– Broad jump x 5 – Big/explosive jumps

Cool down
Side plank dips x 20/20 x 3 sets

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