Vacation Workout – Day 1

Vacation Workout – Day 1


FLR Position


Vacation workout Day 1

Day 1 involves no weightlifting. I want you all to use this time to let your muscles and central nervous system recover from the year of training. If you have questions, just let me know!


Warm Up
3 sets:
– 10 Airsquats
– 10 Push Ups
– 10 V-ups

3 sets:
– Lateral Lunges x 8
– Forward lunge stretch x 8


Conditioning Work

Pick one of the 4

– 30 minutes of work at working pace (this means not slow!)

You can choose to have sprint intervals during this run. Occasionally throw 30 seconds of sprint then settle back to a run pace.


Cool down
Try to go unbroken here. Count number of times you come out of a PERFECT FLR POSITION. This means coming to a knee, putting your butt in the air, dropping the hips down, or shaking our your arms during the FLR Hold.

**For each time you came out of position perform 5 burpees at end of 3 minutes.

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