Vacation Workout 4

Vacation Workout 4

So you are 1 week down. Christmas is officially over and you still have 1 week of no classes. DO NOT tell yourself you are going to wait until the new year. It will no be fun returning to the gym on January 2nd knowing you haven’t done SOMETHING.

Here is vacation workout 4. I took the time to write this out, take the time to do the work!

Day 4
Warm Up
3 sets:

– 5 burpees

– 10 squats

– 10 squat jumps


10-1 push up

Between each set – 5 v-ups

Conditioning Work
3 sets:

– 25 kb swings

– 25 box jumps

– 25 goblet squats

– 25 sit ups (you can use kb as anchor)

Cool down
3 minutes max push up!

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