The Perfect Plank Position

The Perfect Plank Position

The plank is used in most gyms and boot camps around the world. Mostly because of it’s “can do anywhere” style. Unfortunately, the plank is done wrong on so many occasions. Trainers use them to make their clients get through the pain and to see how long they can last. Although this is fine on occasion, it is not the best way to effectively program a plank.

On a larger note, the positioning of the plank is usually wrong as well. Since we try to go as long as possible, the body begins to fatigue and there is no longer any awareness of how tight the body is supposed to be while holding the plank position.

Even if you think you have a perfect plank, check out the video above. I will cover simple cues that will help you get everything out of your plank.


Want a good plank workout? Keep it simple. Here is an example below:

10 sets of 10 second perfect plank hold with about 20-30 seconds of rest between each. 


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