The Best Boot Camp In Austin

The Best Boot Camp In Austin

To claim yourself as the best at something takes a lot of….courage. No matter the industry, there is always a TON of competition doing everything they can to be the best as well. But sometimes you just know when you cannot be topped. No, OTL Boot Camps aren’t the biggest in the area. We don’t have 50 coaches with spots all over the city of Austin. But that is something we actually take pride in. We are about quality over quantity and when we say we are the best boot camp in Austin, we mean it.

Our boot camp classes are more than just about getting in a good sweat. Like our indoor program, our boot camps follow the same training philosophy that movement or being able to move correctly and without pain, is the most important aspect in all of fitness. We aren’t trying to do anything sexy and outside of the box, we are trying to do what works. We don’t just bring PVC pipes and tiny kettlebells, we bring anything that can fit in the 4Runner and will make our boot camp athletes better.

This past week Coach Courtney Carlisle, took the Concept2 Rowers out to boot camps, taking the idea of your basic jogging around swinging kettlebell boot camp image out of everyones head. To be the best boot camp in Austin, you must be willing to provide your athletes with whatever they need in order to get better and to keep them on their toes.

So the next time you hear about OTL Boot Camps, don’t think for a second we are like anyone else. From Sandbags, to rowers, you will get a little piece of it all. So when we say we are the best boot camp in Austin, we mean it.

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