The Benefits Of Group Training

The Benefits Of Group Training

The Benefits Of Group Training

And how it can help you achieve your goals faster!

By Coach David de Leon


When was the last time you walked into a big brand name gym by yourself? By big brand name I mean the type of gym flooded with machines and everyones favorite…MIRRORS! When you went, did you feel almost awkward, like you didn’t know what the hell to do next? I will be the first to admit that training alone, well, sucks. From girls who are sure to look “date night ready” while at the gym, to the folks doing bicep curls in the squat racks, working out solo can be demotivating, confusing and down right frustrating. But on the flip side, group training can be the complete opposite when done in the right atmosphere. And that’s why in this post I am going to talk about the benefits of group training, and when the correct group and place is chosen, the results will come much faster and the journey more enjoyable.

The benefits of group training don’t take very much explaining. A group can be motivating, inspiring, and can hold you accountable each and every day. At OTL Fitness we see small groups of people hold each other accountable both in and outside of the gym. Competition amongst these groups, usually friendly, allows people to push further each day. Most of us lack the natural ability to push outside of our comfort zone when we train alone. In a group, sometimes “the push” naturally occurs. It is instinctual for many humans to not allow the person next to them to out-do them. Some call it “competitive natured”. Yes some of us are less competitive, but we all have a little competitive drive in us.

When we are working out in a group we tend to not allow ourselves to slack. Let’s say you have 4 sets of 6 reps on back squats. If you are training alone and that 3rd set was pretty hard, the tendency may be to say, “Well that was good enough”. In a group, especially one led by a coach, that doesn’t happen. You are held accountable to each and every repetition, only making you better. The correct group of peers knows how you are motivated. They know that your lack of effort could affect everyone so they will not allow you slack. This can make things challenging, but in a very good way. If you are working out on your own and it is “comfortable” that is a sign that maybe you do need someone there to push you even further.

But how do you find the right group? This isn’t always easy. For some, their best friend is the perfect person. They just know how to push you into that uncomfortable state. But usually, if we lack a little motivation, our best friend may be kind of like us. We tend to attract people similar to us, but I could be completely wrong. I recommend groups of people you may not know. Once you get to know them, things start to flow better and you get a feel of how they work, how they like to be pushed and they learn the same about you. Before you know it, you are firing on all cylinders and getting the work DONE!

On the other hand, if you find a group and some people just texting, or snapping selfies the whole time, then maybe that group isn’t the correct group. Remember, they are there to help make you better. If they are hindering that, you need to move on to the next one or let them know they need to step their game up. If the coach that is leading the group spends more time in their office, or texting their friends than they do coaching you, that is probably a direct correlation of what their class is like as well. Find a group and a coach who is there to help YOU and those around you.

The list of the benefits of group training go well beyond this, but I know we all have short attention spans. The take away, train with a group more than you train solo. Be sure that group is more motivated than you are and be sure the leader of that group is there for the benefit of you and the group.

Stay the course folks, and make it happen!

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