The Awesome That is Corporate Fitness

The Awesome That is Corporate Fitness

Over the past year OTL Fitness and more specifically, Coach Courtney Carlisle, have built up an awesome corporate fitness program with Austin based companies, BancVue and SpiceWorks. Although our reach to Austin Companies is only in the beginning stages, we have already seen the immediate effects of awesome that OTL training brings to the corporate world! From building relationships amongst co-workers, to improving the culture within an organization, OTL has helped provide it all.

We are all about family at OTL and hope to instill that in every student that comes through our doors. When it comes to creating this environment, there is no easier place to see it happening than in our boot camps. Companies larger than 300 people usually have athletes who have never met before, even at work. The boot camp provides a place for people to not only workout, but to meet new people and build new relationships. When co-workers are able to help each other push through some tough workouts in the summer heat, or the random days of cold, there is rarely anything work can throw their way that they can’t handle and work through as a team. Working with others at their weakest moments, and sometimes proudest moments, helps them learn more about a person than they could ever imagine.

Fit workers are much happier and get better/more work done throughout the day. Exercise helps release endorphins that allow us to be more alert and more functional during the day. When we do not ignite these endorphins we become sluggish and that “midday slump” becomes real due to our lack of moving our bodies! Don’t be the guy/girl that is barely capable of getting through the day without 4 cups of coffee. Be the person who is happy and healthy because you make the time to workout and feed your body with exersise.

OTL boot camps create a tribe of like mindedness. Everyone who participates knows what the others have been through that day. They hold a higher respect for one another when they know that person is someone who does not give up or give in when things get hard. That tribal trust is not built behind a desk, but outdoors where anything goes. There is no doubt in our minds that tribal trust is being built every time one of the companies we train steps out to the parking lot. And that respect builds great companies from the inside out.

So from us at OTL (Coach Courtney and Coach David) we want to say thank you to BancVue and SpiceWorks for your commitment to your wellness, your brand, and your culture. We will continue to bring you our best each and every time training begins!


If you or someone you know would like OTL to be part of your company to help provide a tribe of people wanting to work hard and be healthy, let us know. We would love to meet you and see how we can help you bring life and longevity to your employees!

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