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A Team Can Make A Difference

There is one big truth to fitness, you work harder and accomplish more when you work with a team. PRIDE Boot Camps not only realizes this, but we feed off of it. PRIDE Coach, Courtney Carlisle, works hard to get her 6pm crew excited, fired up, and motivated.

The athletes push each other to do more, faster! The return? A team atmosphere of atheletes who are achieving the body and mind they have always wanted.

Stop working out alone. Contact us today and be part of something greater than a team, become part of the PRIDE!

Pride Boot Camp To Launch In May!

Of The Lion Fitnes is proud to announce our new Outdoor training which will Launch at the first of May. Our new program Pride Boot Camps will be geared towards those who enjoy the outdoor space for exercise and who are looking for a fun and motivating way to get and stay fit.


 Here are the things you need to know about Pride Outdoor Training!

– The First program will be held Monday and Wednesday at 6PM at 1301 W Koenig Lane (The empty car dealership)

–  The classes are capped at 15 athletes in order to keep energy and qualithy of training very high.

– All who register for the Month of May will pay $80/month for 2x per week classes for LIFE! Once may classes start, prices will go back to their regular 2x/week price at $120/month for 2 sessions per week. So don’t hesitate, get your lifetime discount now!

– Training will be intense, yet scalable for all fitness levels. Our goal is to provide you with a motivating, competitive, challenging, safe fitness community!

– Our coaches are excited and ready to help get you started. Please tell your friends and family and let’s get this first location full of energy and excitement!


Here is what YOU need to do:

– Email or call us right now at – info@otlfitness.com or 512-914-5080

– Tell us you are read to start

– Reserve your spot!

– Tell your friends!


The first class will be held on May 1st – 6PM at 1301 W. Koenig Lane. Only 15 Spots available. There is no better time to start than now!

New Saturday Class

OTL Fitness will now be hosting a Saturday morning class! Many who are unable to get that extra day in during the week have asked about it and we are excited to finally bring it!



    – Day:  4 Saturdays/Month

 – Time:  9:30-10:30AM

 – Place:  OTL Fitness – 900 Old Koenig Ln. Unit 127

 – Price:  $20/class – $80 upfront payment

 – Class Capacity: 8 Person cap

 – Who can join? Open to all

– Additional – Participants must register for the entire month.

              – There are no weekday make-ups for missed Saturday Workouts

Registration: Please Email info@otlfitness.com

Athletes On Point

OTL Fitness Training Results


Results are expected from all athletes who commit themselves to changing their lives. This mean they take all of the proper steps in both their diet and their exercise. Recently OTL has seen huge results from athletes who have given it their all and for their achievements we are extremely proud.

The two athletes we have decided to put the spotlight on are Chris Poppe and Brandon Behrens. These two guys set a goal, spoke what they wanted, and followed the blue print. Here is a quick overview of their results:


Chris Poppe: Since day 1 at OTL Chris has lost in excess of 22.4lbs and has dropped 15 lbs of body fat. His body fat percentage has dropped from 20.51% to 11.28% in 90 days! Great work, Chris.


Brandon Behrens: Brandon took on a 3 week crash course challenge with his now wife, Amber, prior to their wedding. Not many have the will to attack life like Brandon did in these three weeks and with his efforts he: Went from 241 lbs to 225lbs on the dot. The crazy part is that is EXACTLY what he wanted to get down to. In the process he also lost 10 lbs of body fat and 18.7% Body fat to 15.66%.


These results may or may not be typical. It is 100% up to your willingness to commit yourself to change. Are you about it? Are you willing to put in the work? If not, that is fine, but understand you will always remain the same. But for those ready to make big changes, let us know and we will be more than happy to help.