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2 Magic Pill(s) To Start Your Fitness Journey

magic pill


We all want the magic pill affect. We want to be able to consume something, and instantly get results. That way, ladies and gentleman is, 1) non existent 2) Does not last 3) A lazy way out of hard work.

Since those things do not exist, I have thought up 2 “pills” of information that can help you begin your fitness journey. They aren’t large in size, but for some reason many find it hard to swallow. It’s too hot, I’m too tired, I don’t know how to do it, are a few of the reasons people refuse to swallow the pill. But for those who are ready to grab that glass of water and take down the pills, here are the first two you should take.

1) Pill 1: Create a plan of action: Purchase a calendar and write out what your entire normal day looks like. From the times you eat, to the times you watch TV, write it all down for 3-4 days straight. Once the days have passed, review the calendar and begin to realize how many WASTED hours are on the calendar. Since “not having time” is one of the biggest and lamest excuses, you can immediately eliminate it once you see you DO have the time. Begin to insert times to train during the hours you wasted watching the ridiculous things that make up national television. Yes, it is easier and more comfortable to sit on the couch, but when you turn 70 expect to not be able to play with your grandchildren and be the grandpa/ma who wore out the old recliner because he/she didn’t have the ability to move freely (Yes, things just got real).

2) Pill 2: The First Step: Let go of the assumption that you have to go out and be hard core. Depending on who/what you are influenced by, you may have the assumption that your fitness has to be hard core and crazy intense all day every day. This notion if far from the truth. If you are new to fitness, DO NOT kill yourself on the first day. It will only make you so sore, you will be back on the couch never wanting to get up again. Baby steps are the best steps when starting out. That could mean simply walking/jogging mixed in with body weight movements (push ups, sit ups) in the park or in your house.

The 3rd pill, which wasn’t mentioned in the title, is consistency. Give your body 2 weeks of training no less than 3x/week and allow it to adjust. It will hurt, and it may not be as comfortable as your couch, but you will adjust and you will make leaps and bounds in your fitness. Erase the excuses, and let’s get started.


There are few feelings greater than the feeling of support from a teammate. A teammate can allow you to feel as though no matter what may happen, with their support, you will succeed. This feeling is important, but it cannot be felt unless the action is made. At OTL Fitness, it is not expected of you to thrive on your own. We expect no one to act as an individual, and expect everyone to support as a team.

Why is this important? Many who join OTL do so because they are wanting to accomplish  something in life. Be it in fitness or outside of. They become part of a class with the mindset that those around them will help them through that journey. Supporting your team is important because the impact it makes goes much further than the gym. Many don’t get the support they get in the gym at work or even at home. They look to their teammates at the gym to provide them with that extra motivation not given anywhere else.

Did you realize how powerful you were? You don’t have to be the coach in order to change the lives of those around you. All you need is the leadership skill of communication. The way you communicate to your teammates will either help them or hurt them when it comes to their progress. 1 simple statement can completely change the way someone goes about their lives. Be wise when choosing your words amongst your teammates because the power of changing lives is in your hands.

Please continue to support those around you as you all have done so far. If there is one thing OTL can say about it’s athletes it is that they are committed to lifting up those around them and that makes us very proud.


Surprise Yourself

The past few weeks have been weeks of huge accomplishments. From hand-stand push ups to first time pull ups OTL has seen a lot of development in a lot of athletes. But what does it take to accomplish these goals and why is it they are coming so “easily” for some of these athletes? Let me break it down…

Those who have shown huge progress and who have already reached goals such as doing a pull up are all doing 1 thing that most don’t. They show up early and practice, and when they are done they stay late and practice some more. We have had 2 ladies quickly reach their pull up goal and beyond. These ladies are in different classes, but both did the same thing, they practiced. Class is not always set up for YOUR goals. They are set up for the whole. We cannot program workouts for each individuals specific goals. This being said, it is up to YOU to find a way to practice.

Congrats to those of you who have already reached goals you set at the beginning of 2013. The credit goes to you and your willingness to do what others are not willing to do.