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There are few feelings greater than the feeling of support from a teammate. A teammate can allow you to feel as though no matter what may happen, with their support, you will succeed. This feeling is important, but it cannot be felt unless the action is made. At OTL Fitness, it is not expected of you to thrive on your own. We expect no one to act as an individual, and expect everyone to support as a team.

Why is this important? Many who join OTL do so because they are wanting to accomplish  something in life. Be it in fitness or outside of. They become part of a class with the mindset that those around them will help them through that journey. Supporting your team is important because the impact it makes goes much further than the gym. Many don’t get the support they get in the gym at work or even at home. They look to their teammates at the gym to provide them with that extra motivation not given anywhere else.

Did you realize how powerful you were? You don’t have to be the coach in order to change the lives of those around you. All you need is the leadership skill of communication. The way you communicate to your teammates will either help them or hurt them when it comes to their progress. 1 simple statement can completely change the way someone goes about their lives. Be wise when choosing your words amongst your teammates because the power of changing lives is in your hands.

Please continue to support those around you as you all have done so far. If there is one thing OTL can say about it’s athletes it is that they are committed to lifting up those around them and that makes us very proud.


Pride Boot Camp To Launch In May!

Of The Lion Fitnes is proud to announce our new Outdoor training which will Launch at the first of May. Our new program Pride Boot Camps will be geared towards those who enjoy the outdoor space for exercise and who are looking for a fun and motivating way to get and stay fit.


 Here are the things you need to know about Pride Outdoor Training!

– The First program will be held Monday and Wednesday at 6PM at 1301 W Koenig Lane (The empty car dealership)

–  The classes are capped at 15 athletes in order to keep energy and qualithy of training very high.

– All who register for the Month of May will pay $80/month for 2x per week classes for LIFE! Once may classes start, prices will go back to their regular 2x/week price at $120/month for 2 sessions per week. So don’t hesitate, get your lifetime discount now!

– Training will be intense, yet scalable for all fitness levels. Our goal is to provide you with a motivating, competitive, challenging, safe fitness community!

– Our coaches are excited and ready to help get you started. Please tell your friends and family and let’s get this first location full of energy and excitement!


Here is what YOU need to do:

– Email or call us right now at – info@otlfitness.com or 512-914-5080

– Tell us you are read to start

– Reserve your spot!

– Tell your friends!


The first class will be held on May 1st – 6PM at 1301 W. Koenig Lane. Only 15 Spots available. There is no better time to start than now!