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The Breaking Point


On the left: Kalin Before Lion Pride Boot Camps
On the right: Kalin after 3 months of Lion Pride Boot Camps

There is a point in some of our lives where we tell ourselves that enough it enough. We become sick of who we are or what we are becoming. We know that if we continue down that particular road, nothing great will come of it. In the fitness industry, we see it all the time. The point where people have physically taken themselves to a point they don’t want to be or continue to go. Some get tired of it, workout a few months and then go right back to their old ways. But there are the others who reach the breaking point.

Kalin Dudley, a Lion Pride Boot Camp athlete, was one of the few who reached his breaking point and did something about it. “I was officialy obese” he says. He was weighing in at 250 lbs and 30% of that was body fat. As a husband and soon to be father of 2 twin boys, Kalin took control and still continues his journey with us. His results? Within a couple of months Kalin was down 20lbs and took his body fat down to 22%. As an owner of his own business which he runs at home, Kalin found himself in a continuous state of laziness which usually lead to boredom eating. Now, he has lots of energy which in turn has increased his activity levels too! “It has truly been a life saving decision” Kalin says. And as a soon to be father, he won’t be the only one thankful for making the change.

OTL couldn’t be more happy for Kalin. He has been such a great attribute to the OTL community and we are honored to help him continue his path to a longer and healthier life.

An update:  Kalin is 3 weeks into the Pump and Shred program with OTL Coach, Coach Courtney Carlisle. His results are sure to continue as he dives head first into making a change with his nutrition for life!


If you would like to know more about or sign up for Lion Pride Boot Camps, Email us now: info@otlfitness.com


What does “universal scalibility” even mean?

katie DL Final


 What is a scale?

In a world of “Universal Scalability”, what does it really mean to scale a movment?

By: Coach David de Leon


When it comes to training a group of individuals, it is very important for a coach to understand that each athlete has his/her own abilities and deficiencies. Why is this important? Because when it comes to strength training and conditioning, the coach must be able to adapt the training method in order to reduce the risk of injury while still allowing the athlete to get the most out of their training. The ability to do so is even more important when the training is not one-on-one, but in a group setting.

Many gyms use the term “universal scalability” very loosely. The way I have seen it interpreted is “just go lighter”, which is more of the uneducated coaches form of scaling. A true scale is made when the coach understands the deficiency or compensation being made by the client, and provides a different form of the movement in order to reduce the clients risk of injury while still getting the benefit of the specific task.

Here’s an example from the gym last night at OTL: In one of our evenings classes we have two clients whose deficiencies relate to lack of mobility and lack of midline stability. The movement? Deadlift. Which is a great example because it is so feared, but yet is one of the safest and most beneficial lifts of all time.


greg DL final


When the weight taken from the ground (starting position), these two athletes tend to lose midline stability or have trouble properly setting up for the lift. The fix? It is not lighter weight. Instead we increased the height of the starting position of the lift. This height change allows the athlete to properly and safely set up for the lift. The decrease in range of motion does 3 main things: 1) Decreases the risk of injury especially as weight is increased 2) Allows the athlete to “feel” the proper set up/movement 3) The fix correlates with the athlete deficiencies which should have been found during an assessment prior to them starting training. This ladies and gentlemen is a scale. The same muscles are being worked, the athletes risk of injury is decreased and the scale relates to the problem. Most importantly THEY ARE GETTING STRONGER!

Yes, over time you can make your way back down to a normal start position as the athlete fixes their deficiencies. But simply telling them to “go lighter” will never fix anything. And believe it or not, injury can occur with light weight if the proper technique and set up still aren’t there.

So what really makes scaling universal? It is the ability to get the same result using a means that is safer, in correlation with a clients deficiencies, and allows for progress in a movement over time.

This is easily done at OTL because our focus is not to make our clients elite. It is to fulfill them with a life of health, wellness, activity and most importantly longevity. When the focus is only how hard/fast/heavy can you go, we lose sight of what it means to build someone up, over time and without injury, to be the strongest and most conditioned person they can be.

Be it elite, or just to live a healthy life, coaches must understand their athletes and truly care about where they are and where they want to be.

Until next time, scale properly and reap the benefits!


Slow and Steady Wins The Strength

leigh deadlift


As we begin to phase into a focus on our conditioning, we will also begin to get back to the 3 movements we believe are very important in building our strength foundation. No, we didn’t contradict ourselves. We are focusing on conditioning, but our strength section will still be there with a focus on the foundations of: Deadlift, Squat, Press. However, as we begin to revisit these movements, you will notice our focus is STILL NOT speed (speed meaning “tap-and-go” which we will never focus on) but rather a focus on structural set up, grip strength, stability and slowing things down.

Here is what we notice. Athletes tend to come in who have learned to move quickly over moving correctly. This is absolutely NOT what we are about. When it comes to strength movements, OTL does not believe in as fast as possible repetitions. Although that style of movement is currently popular in some areas of the fitness industry, our coaches have recognized that athletes tend to lose midline stability and quality of movement declines when speed is put ahead of technique over multiple repetitions especially in beginner lifters. Over time, this can foster not only improper movement, but injury as well. We understand that not every rep is perfect, nor do we believe they should be. What we do expect is that athletes understand proper set up both physically and mentally as they approach a barbell for a lift.  Over the next 4 weeks you will hear cues in regards to setting the bar down between reps, re-setting your body into proper positions and taking your time through our strength portion.

As you head into this next phase of training, do not rush things. This is a great time to take the weight back and rebuild, especially if you have had injury or trouble with these movements in the past. Do not let this phase frustrate you. Everything we do is for a reason and 99.9% of the time the reason is in favor of our athletes.

Reminder: Bring your notebooks to class and record weights. If you are not doing this, we will question your desire to get better. If you aren’t tracking, you won’t know if you are going forwards or backwards.



The Losers Limp

 keyth on rings


The “Losers Limp” is a term from a speech given by Zig Ziglar. It is a description of the moment in time when a player on defense is being outrun by the ball carrier on offense in football. The “Losers Limp” comes in play when the defender realizes he has been beaten by the ball carrier and instead of just taking the loss, he acts as though he has pulled up and begins to limp off the field, giving him the excuse of getting beat because of this short lived muscle pull. As the player returns to the field on the next play we realize this pull was more of an excuse than an actual injury.

The Losers limp is prevalent in all realms of life and it is not really an injury, but an excuse. Everyday people all around the world have their own losers limp as they find a way to get out of the challenges in life instead of facing them head on. The life of setting goals, and chasing dreams is not one everyone is ready to take on. Hardships will come and only a few will be physically and mentally ready to take on those battles. But the few who decide that nothing can stop them will reap tremendous results.

In relation to your fitness, what is your Losers Limp? Maybe is sounds like, “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t know what to do/where to start”. Whatever it may sound like, you must realize it is only an excuse and you must rid yourself of it before you can truly reach your goals.

If you are having trouble getting past your limp, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help you get past the limp and start sprinting towards your goals.



3 Ways to help guarantee results

nutrition, hydration, sleep


3 Ways to Help Guarantee Results

Do and keep track of these three things in order to help you get the results you want from your workouts

By: Coach David


For the past month I have been posting homework on the whiteboard. The homework consist of a short workout or exercises that can be done at home that has been programmed to add to what you are doing in class. Although usually a workout, lately the homework has been 3 words that are instrumental in order to get results. Below I will quickly list and discuss the 3 words with a quick overview of how/why you need them to help you get results!

1) Nutrition: This is a no brainer. Whether you workout or not, your nutrition is essential in providing you with the nutrients you need for everyday energy and rebuilding of muscle fibers after a workout. If you are new to healthy eating, remember to keep it simple to start out: Lean meats, dark leafy greens, fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds, and some fruit. Avoid breads, grains, pastas and legumes. Don’t overwhelm yourself or you will eat your way into disaster. For a more focused and individualized approach to losing body fat or gaining muscle, you can speak with coach Courtney Carlisle. She is our in-house Pump and Shred coach. She can help recommend a meal plan that will better fit your individual needs.

2) Hydration: Many who suffer from fatigue, headaches, lack of energy, or those who may not be seeing results must go back and begin to track their hydration. Your body needs water in order to perform its daily functions. Many times we are so focused on work or other daily tasks that  we forget to pay attention to how much water we are taking in each day. Our suggestion is 1 gallon per day. For some this may be too little, but rarely is it too much. Separate your water drinking throughout the day and a gallon ends up being much easier to handle than you may think. Avoiding proper hydration will leave you and your results on the back burner. So drink a lot of water, then drink some more!

3) Sleep: I will be the first to admit that of these 3 key components to fitness success, sleep is the one I lack the most. For some it is early mornings and late nights, for others it may be sleeping disorders. Whichever it may be, you must find a way to take control of your sleep. It is our bodies time to recover from our workouts and daily routines. Unfortunately we do not allow ourselves to shut off everything and just go to sleep. A tired body is one that is not productive. If you have early mornings, find a way to get to bed sooner. Evaluate what it is that is keeping you up and find a way around it. When it comes to results, getting better sleep will allow you to get them faster and will make your day better overall.

Are there more components to your fitness success? Of course there are. These are just 3 that I believe are at the top of the list. If you have chosen to put your body through the rigors of a workout, you must fuel with the best fuel and let it rest as needed.

Did I miss something? Feel free to comment below and add components to fitness success that I may have missed!

2 Magic Pill(s) To Start Your Fitness Journey

magic pill


We all want the magic pill affect. We want to be able to consume something, and instantly get results. That way, ladies and gentleman is, 1) non existent 2) Does not last 3) A lazy way out of hard work.

Since those things do not exist, I have thought up 2 “pills” of information that can help you begin your fitness journey. They aren’t large in size, but for some reason many find it hard to swallow. It’s too hot, I’m too tired, I don’t know how to do it, are a few of the reasons people refuse to swallow the pill. But for those who are ready to grab that glass of water and take down the pills, here are the first two you should take.

1) Pill 1: Create a plan of action: Purchase a calendar and write out what your entire normal day looks like. From the times you eat, to the times you watch TV, write it all down for 3-4 days straight. Once the days have passed, review the calendar and begin to realize how many WASTED hours are on the calendar. Since “not having time” is one of the biggest and lamest excuses, you can immediately eliminate it once you see you DO have the time. Begin to insert times to train during the hours you wasted watching the ridiculous things that make up national television. Yes, it is easier and more comfortable to sit on the couch, but when you turn 70 expect to not be able to play with your grandchildren and be the grandpa/ma who wore out the old recliner because he/she didn’t have the ability to move freely (Yes, things just got real).

2) Pill 2: The First Step: Let go of the assumption that you have to go out and be hard core. Depending on who/what you are influenced by, you may have the assumption that your fitness has to be hard core and crazy intense all day every day. This notion if far from the truth. If you are new to fitness, DO NOT kill yourself on the first day. It will only make you so sore, you will be back on the couch never wanting to get up again. Baby steps are the best steps when starting out. That could mean simply walking/jogging mixed in with body weight movements (push ups, sit ups) in the park or in your house.

The 3rd pill, which wasn’t mentioned in the title, is consistency. Give your body 2 weeks of training no less than 3x/week and allow it to adjust. It will hurt, and it may not be as comfortable as your couch, but you will adjust and you will make leaps and bounds in your fitness. Erase the excuses, and let’s get started.

King of The Jungle – August

media image koj


This months King of The Jungle is being released with great timing. Why? Because this athlete just had an incredible weekend competing at The Iron Belle hosted by CrossFit Central here in Austin, Texas.

Her and her partner finished top 10 in the competitive division and impressed many along the way. She also had a new PR during the Clean portion of the competition. We, OTL Fitness, could not be more proud to announce Jess Hudock as King of The Jungle for the month of August!

Jess, your hard work 4 times a week in the gym while taking on graduate school proves you have what it takes to be great in all aspects of life. We appreciate your continuous effort.

Read Jess’ story HERE and see why she is OTL’s King of The Jungle!


Tips For Increasing Your Squat

When talking about the squat, where do I start? The squat can be a love hate relationship for most, but if they are not part of your programming, then you need to re-evaluate where you are getting your information. We all want heavier squats, and if we are getting the right coaching, then we are well on our way. But are you doing EVERYTHING you can to squat MORE!?

Here is a quick tip video from yours truly, Coach David, on simple mental and physical tips to increasing your back squat. What is 1 thing you must do before you hit a PR in the gym?


Strength Training: A Requirement in Your Life

For many year magazines, television and media have portrayed weight training as something only guys should do or as something dangerous. Unfortunately, we are very quick to believe what we hear and see through media outlets and many have decided to neglect strength training as part of their regimen. This write up is not about the science of why EVERYONE should weight train, but the necessity of strength training to your life. In this write up I am going to give 3 common human tasks that that require strength/strength training.

1) A few months ago I came across this write up (Gwyneth Paltrow’s workout) which was featured in O Magazine. During the video, trainer to the stars, Tracey Anderson says, “No women should ever lift more than 3 lbs”. Don’t believe me? Check out the video. Now, she is a very famous trainer and I am not here to bash her. I just disagree. Any lady who has ever had a child is required to hold that child. In most instances that baby is born weighing more than 3 lbs and guess who has to carry that baby around? Yes, the mother. She will carry him/her for many months after birth as well. Many times I see children who are more than a year old who will still be picked up occasionally for comfort by their parents. Believe it or not, the ability to hold your child up without getting fatigued within minutes requires weight training. Many moms only form of weight training is picking up their kids, which is fine. But some mothers begin to experience back pains from holding their children not because their children are heavy, but because the mother has neglected weight training which can help in your bodies ability to carry a load over time. 2 movements every mom should learn: 1) A proper dead lift. Often thought as a dangerous movement, the dead lift mimics a wide range of daily functions such as well, picking up a child from the floor. 2) The squat. Not just an air squat, but a weighted back squat. This will not only help build glute and hamstring strength, but it will also help build abdominal strength needed to carry a load over time (or a baby).

2) The moment we all fear. We are sitting in traffic and our car begins to stall out. And just when you think you can pull over to the side of the road, your car breaks down. I have seen this first hand. A lady on a busy street near my house was stalled out. She put her emergency lights on and began to walk across the street to the conveince store. Knowing a stalled car on that road was dangerous (and always looking for a reason to use my fitness 🙂 I pushed her car to the side of the road. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a stranger around who can push their car. I know it may not sound important, but we cannot live a life of reliance on others to keep us out of danger. Without strength training, how will we ever build the strength we need to get us out of sticky situations like stalled cars? And honestly, it is not a bizarre case. How often do you see a car stalled in the road? Probably pretty often. If we could teach more people that being strong is necessary, we could become more independent when it comes to emergency situations.

3) Proper posture and stance. Most think proper posture is just a lack of retracting the shoulders down and back. Although this is true, there is more to it. Our lack of strengthening the muscles that retract our shoulder blades is a big issue especially since many of us do most things in front of our body (type on computers, eating at the table, using your cell phone). These postures cause us to become stronger or tighter anteriorly and the lack of our posterior strength especially in the upper back does not allow our shoulders to stay back but instead, hunch forward. Eating, using the computer and cell phones is not something we will stop doing. However, knowing this is common, we must begin to do simple upper back, mid back, and lower back exercises that will allow us to keep a more anatomically correct position throughout the day.

Strength training is essential to our daily lives. I am not saying you have to be the strongest, but you need to be strong(er). Most aches and pains don’t come from weight training, they come from a lack of strength in one area and tightness in other areas in our bodies. So I ask you, how often are you lifting weights? If you are not doing it more than 4 times per week, you need to find a weight lifting program that will allow you to gain the strength you need in order to live a healthy life that will not require you to rely on others in order to get things done.


Happy lifting,

Coach David




There are few feelings greater than the feeling of support from a teammate. A teammate can allow you to feel as though no matter what may happen, with their support, you will succeed. This feeling is important, but it cannot be felt unless the action is made. At OTL Fitness, it is not expected of you to thrive on your own. We expect no one to act as an individual, and expect everyone to support as a team.

Why is this important? Many who join OTL do so because they are wanting to accomplish  something in life. Be it in fitness or outside of. They become part of a class with the mindset that those around them will help them through that journey. Supporting your team is important because the impact it makes goes much further than the gym. Many don’t get the support they get in the gym at work or even at home. They look to their teammates at the gym to provide them with that extra motivation not given anywhere else.

Did you realize how powerful you were? You don’t have to be the coach in order to change the lives of those around you. All you need is the leadership skill of communication. The way you communicate to your teammates will either help them or hurt them when it comes to their progress. 1 simple statement can completely change the way someone goes about their lives. Be wise when choosing your words amongst your teammates because the power of changing lives is in your hands.

Please continue to support those around you as you all have done so far. If there is one thing OTL can say about it’s athletes it is that they are committed to lifting up those around them and that makes us very proud.