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The reason everyone at OTL Fitness should believe in themselves.

By: Coach David de Leon


When OTL Fitness was being created, I was sure to keep my hopes and dreams amongst a small circle of people. These were mostly family or friends I have known for several years. The hopes and dreams were kept close because I did not want to be told otherwise. All negative energy was shunned and I continuously sought out the positive people in my life. Just as I developed this community by surrounding myself with people who had faith in me, I expect all of OTL’s members to understand that we have and will always have faith in all of you.

No journey, even when we are prepared, is easy. As coaches, we understand this and want to help you through your journey as much as possible. However, there is a catch. The easiest way for us to maintain faith, is by first having you demonstrate how eager you are to reach your goals. If you constantly TALK about what you want to do but have very little action, then our faith tends to diminish. But, if you show up every day, don’t make excuses, and work as hard as possible, then our faith in you will continue forever.

We expect set backs and bumps in the road, but we do not expect quitting. To quit on your goals in the gym truly is a reflection of your ability to quit on other important things or people in your life. You must first be able to dedicate time to yourself and establish faith in yourself before anyone else can do the same.

I speak for all of the coaches at OTL Fitness when I say, we have faith in all of you.



– Coach David de Leon

A Team Can Make A Difference

There is one big truth to fitness, you work harder and accomplish more when you work with a team. PRIDE Boot Camps not only realizes this, but we feed off of it. PRIDE Coach, Courtney Carlisle, works hard to get her 6pm crew excited, fired up, and motivated.

The athletes push each other to do more, faster! The return? A team atmosphere of atheletes who are achieving the body and mind they have always wanted.

Stop working out alone. Contact us today and be part of something greater than a team, become part of the PRIDE!

PRIDE Boot Camps Start Strong!

The first ever PRIDE Boot Camp was held this past Wednesday. Coach Courtney Carlisle took the new crew through an awesome 1 hour workout geared to increasing cardio, strength and athletic ability. The camp, which takes place in the Brentwood neighborhood in Austin, Texas is our first, but won’t be our last.

Of The Lion Fitness plans to open 5 Boot Camp locations this year throughout Austin, Texas. In the process, we will be pooling prospects for future coaches with PRIDE Boot Camps. If you or someone you know may be interested, please email us your resume so we can have it on hand.

Thank you to all who have signed up for PRIDE! Don’t forget you receive $15 off of your next month for every new referral you bring on to the PRIDE crew, so tell your friends!


OTL’s First Outdoor Community Workout

Before we begin, we would like to say thank you to everyone who came out this morning to workout with us. The energy and atmosphere was so amazing we cannot begin to say how thankful we are for such great people.

I won’t go on too long, but check out Of The Lion Fitness FaceBook page > HERE < for event photos! If you or a friend are not tagged, be sure to tag them!

Have a great weekend and again, thank you all so much for making fitness fun again with us.