Sweat it Saturday

Sweat it Saturday



Sweat it Saturday is our reason to get up on Saturday morning and just go through the grinder with a group of like minded, and like-willing individuals. Please read all of the following:

First off they are going to be fun in an OTL “fun” type of way. Second, they won’t be easy, but with a team atmosphere they are going to be do-able and you will get through all of it.

You can bring a friend to Sweat it Saturday, but this IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Don’t be that person who brings a friend that has no foundation in breathing work or any type of weightlifting. You will look the fool, not them.

There will be a limit to the amount of people who can sign up. If you want to come, you must sign up. If you bring someone with  you, they must also sign up.

If you are late, you will not participate. 

We hope to run these once a month, but do not hold us to that. Each workout will be different than the one before.

Here is the sign up link, get in before the spots are gone and encourage your fellow OTL family members to sign up too! > Sweat It Saturday Sign Up

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