Reasons why you have bad workout days

Reasons why you have bad workout days

Not every day in the gym is going to be perfect. That being said, you shouldn’t have multiple bad days in a week. So what are the reasons we have bad workout days? It can vary and there are a lot of outside influences, but in this write up we will cover 4 reasons why you have bad workout days.

1.  Your sleep: The majority of your recovery happens during your sleep. If you are not sleeping properly, you will not recovery properly. A big mistake here is thinking that the night before a bad workout is the sleep that did or didn’t help you. You may have had a bad sleep on a Monday that affected your Thursday workout. If you are experiencing trouble with your sleep, start tracking it. There are a lot of options out there to help with this.

2. You’re dehydrated. Many times when we tell someone, “you may be dehydrated” they answer with, “But I drank a lot of water today”. There are two things wrong with this statement. If you are trying to get hydrated the day of, it’s too late. The other problem is, you may be getting water in your system which is important, but you may be lacking electrolytes. For electrolyte supplementation we recommend SKRATCH Labs. Throw some of this in your water and really get hydrated.

3. You are expending more calories than your putting into your body: It’s very hard to keep driving a car that is out of gas. You cannot constantly eat less calories than the amount you expend on a daily basis. Not sure about your calories? Track it. We don’t care what people say against it, in many cases it is very necessary.

4. Although this next one isn’t the case for most, it is for some. You may need to take a day off. If you are training every day, not hydrating, not eating correctly, it will hit you square in the face one day. Evaluating how often you are training and how hard you are going during those training days is important. However, as I mentioned, this is not the case for 95% of people. Too often people go straight to the belief they are “overtraining” before evaluating the issues we covered in #’s 1-3.

The reasons you have bad workout days goes beyond these 4 points, but we feel these 4 are the most common. We all want each day to be a great training day, but they won’t always be. So evaluate, adjust, and make it happen.

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