Project Row/Ski at OTL

Project Row/Ski at OTL

Project Ski/Row at OTL with Jane Erbacher



We are super excited to announce that our dear friend, Jane Erbacher will be joining us from Australia on July 15th for a row and ski seminar at OTL Fitness.


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Jane is a fully certified Gym Jones instructor and currently holds the world record for most meters on a skierg in 4 minutes!

Jane will not only be covering the foundational techniques of rowing and skiing on the ergs, she will also get us all familiar with the anatomy of the rower as well (this should help with the old question: what is the damper for?).

Jane’s goal is to provide us with the knowledge we need of both the erg machines and our movement in order for us to get the most out of both our rowing and skiing. The more efficient we can become, the greater our ability to perform these movements to our greatest potential.

This course is far more valuable than registration price ($45) and we are limited to only 20 spots due to the number of skiergs we have. These machines are ones you will find in all gyms. The better you understand it and your body, the greater your ability to do work as effectively and efficiently as possible.






How much does the course cost? The cost for both session is only $45


What time will the course start/Finish? 9AM start time. 12PM Finish


What do I need to bring? Water, towel, snack, lots of positive energy!


What if I haven’t used either of these machines? That is perfect. This is a great way to learn how useful the machines can be to your fitness.



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