Our Favorite Protein Powders

Our Favorite Protein Powders

A very common question to coaches is, “What protein should I use?” There are so many options on the market that we totally understand why it is a hard decision to make. So quickly, here are our favorite protein powders and their amazon links. Oh and by the way. We have tried a lot of protein powders. These are the ones we enjoy that are clean, have great ratios and don’t upset Coach Courtney’s stomach very much (for those who are sensitive).

Blue Bonnet (Chocolate or Vanilla): This has been the easiest on the stomach (for us at least) and it is damn delicious!  Check it out on Amazon –  Bluebonnet Nutrition 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder Chocolate Flavor – 2 lbs

Dymatize Iso 100: This is my go to especially for putting in my oats and yogurt! Dymatize seems to frequent our countertop pretty frequently and is our favorite.  Check it out on Amazon –  Iso 100 Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate – Gourmet Vanilla 1.6 lbs Pwdr

MusclePharm: Taste great, but not one we use often. This one is an isolate blend with digestive enzymes. Still fairly easy on the stomach and includes casein protein as well. The casein absorbs a bit slower, and can be used as a nighttime additive to your yogurt desserts!  Check it out on Amazon – Muscle Pharm Combat Cinnamon Bun, 2 Pound

Those are our top 3. Yes, there are some that are “paleo” or “vegan” but we don’t use them because we haven’t liked them. We use these because we like them! Next time you buy a protein give one of these a shot and see what you think.

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