Our Current Programming Cycle – Rowing

Our Current Programming Cycle – Rowing

Every 6-8 weeks we like to take all of you through a specific programming cycle to keep things fresh and more importantly to hit all aspects of your fitness.

Our current programming cycle – rowing, and a lot of it. We will be testing your 2,000M Row next week and it is going to be a lot of fun.

Men’s Standard (goal): Sub 7Min row which is slightly under a 1:45/500m average. I have yet to do this but have seen many hit it and I will say this, it is going to take effort, but I know many of you have it in you to make it happen.

Women’s Standard (goal): Sub 8:30 which is an overall average of 2:07.5. I have seen our OTL Ladies get after it and I KNOW many of you can do this.

It’s going to take getting your mind right and ready for the fatigue of the last 800M. And we will be working on this.

Check out the video and get a little overview of what you have coming! Let’s work hard, have fun, and continue to make 2017 a year to remember.


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