Little Lions Program

Little Lions Program

Little Lions Program

A holistic approach to health, wellness, and play for kids.

If you search kids fitness programs in Austin there are multiple options for two big topics: Yoga and Sports Camps. However, there is a lack of programs offering the whole. The “whole” being flexibility, mobility, body awareness, balance, coordination and most importantly, play. Our goal for the Little Lions Program is not to develop kids into athletes for a specific sport. It is also not our goal to have you send your child to a 1 hour yoga class, and we are not baby sitters who just have your kids run around with no end goal in mind and send them home tired.

So what is our goal? Our goal is to give your child a better understanding of movement, what it means to use your body to become stronger, the benefits of mobility, breathing/relaxation under stress, how to climb/run/jump/tumble, how to speak positively about themselves and others, teamwork, building confidence, concentration, and encourage creativity through fitness and play (play to us is the ability to move freely, without rules, while self establishing boundaries. Think kitten or puppies who play, but never hurt each other). Play is a natural component of humans but we neglect it too much.

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As our society goes away from Physical Education classes and lack of encouragement for kids to move/play, we here at OTL Fitness continue to believe that movement is medicine for all ages. This isn’t about training your child for a specific sport, but instead giving them the tools to make fitness fun and always available when you can think outside of the box.

Who can participate?

The Little Lions Program is open to boys and girls ages 9-12. No athletic background is needed or necessary.

The course will be limited to 10.

When will the course run?

We will be launching a 4 week pilot program from June 6th – June 29th. Class time will be 3:30-4:30PM Tuesdays and Thursday.


How Much Will the Course Cost?

The Pilot Program will cost $120 per child with a $10 discount for parents with more than 1 child. (Ex: 2 children would be $110 per child). It is our intention to increase this price but all Pilot program attendees with be grandfathered in at the pilot price.


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Please email us at or call us at 512-914-5080 if you have any questions or to reserve your spot today!

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