How To Get A Summer Body

How To Get A Summer Body

As summer approaches you know the chances of being in a swimsuit increase tremendously. For some, this can be a pretty scary thought. It’s always around spring when people begin to ask how to get a summer body? Unfortunately for those who begin to ask I have some bad news, a summer ready body is built way before summer. And, if a summer body is your goal, you may never get what you expect.

So how do you get a summer body? If the summer you are wanting to prepare for is 2016 (this summer), it’s too late. A summer body is built years in advance. Usually someone with a summer body has worked very hard and consistently for many years. Summer bodies are not only made in the gym, but in the kitchen as well. The hard workers who have those summer bodies do not spend their time eating unhealthy foods. They nourish their bodies with well rounded “whole” foods.

A summer body is built around consistency. Usually someone with a summer body is told, “you spend to much time at the gym”, or “why waste your time/money on going to the gym”. However, once summer comes around they are asked over and over again how they did it. And as soon as they are gone, those same people who asked say something like, “Oh, she’s obsessed with working out”. Because, you know, anyone who is committed to anything is obsessed in the eyes of others who lack work ethic. It is very strange how that works.

A summer body should never be a goal. It is a product of a legitimate goal. For example, if a mother wants to be able to go hiking with her kids (legitimate goal) she may begin a workout routine in order to make that happen. As a result, she makes amazing physical changes. The result is the ability to go play with her kids, and the product is a healthy, vibrant, and leaner mother. If the goal is simply to “have a summer body”, you will more than likely never accomplish it because you look at magazines and compare yourself to people you see in them. We (most people) also want overnight success and that doesn’t happen in fitness.

If you wish for a summer body or just a better physique overall (by the way I’m still not sure what a summer body means) but you don’t enjoy working hard, making sacrifices and eating healthy, then please reconsider your goals. The want to have something is not great enough to achieve it. You must work very hard and be consistent in the gym and kitchen as well.


And this ladies and gentlemen is how to get a summer body. Is it what you expected to hear?

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