How to do a proper push up

How to do a proper push up

How to do a proper push up

Coach David de Leon


The push up is a universal exercise that anyone can do be it from the toes or the feet. But many people still have yet to perfect how to do a proper push up.

I think the movement looks as though it should be easy so we allow ourselves to be sloppy in order to do it because it, “shouldn’t be that hard”.

But when you are thinking about how to do a proper push up there are a few keys you always have to keep in mind. I’ve listed them below along with a video quickly going over those keys. If you haven’t been practicing a proper push up I hope this helps and when done correctly you will get TONS of benefit from doing a push up the correct way.

Key Points:

  • Keep the body tight. Squeeze the heels together, keep the stomach and legs tight.

  • At the top, do not let the shoulder blades retract or come together. Keep them spread apart.

  • Do not let the lower back collapse. Many people start their push up by dropping the hips. The arms lead the push up, everything else follows accordingly.

  • Keep the elbows pointed back. Think about being in a box and pointing your elbows to the back corners of the box, not out to the side like a chicken.

  • NO WORMS. Do not get to the bottom and peel yourself off the ground. If you cannot lift the body in one motion from the toes, go to the knees. The peeling off the ground motion will cause too much stress on the lower back.

  • Go slow and steady. Fast push ups are cool but slow and steady push ups are more effective and allow us to focus on technique.


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