How Strength And Conditioning Can Change Your Life

How Strength And Conditioning Can Change Your Life



The fitness industry around the world is at a point in time when every thing you can possibly imagine is being offered to make you “fitter”. Some of us decide to power jump on trampolines, while others bring out their inner strip…well, decide to do pole dancing, and within the past few days some even believe that chasing pokemon characters is their way to get fit.

And as someone who is an encourager of fitness, I don’t really mind any of them. But when it comes down to getting the biggest bang for your buck, to something that is made for everyone, and to something that will change your life forever, strength and conditioning still reins King.

So what is strength and conditioning and how can strength and conditioning change your life? To the first question, the title says it all. Strength and conditioning is a form of exercise that focuses building ones strength in every aspect of the word……..


Sometimes when I’m writing I realize I’m trying…I am all about being authentic so let’s re-do this.

Strength and Conditioning. What is it? Really? Well, strength obviously means you are getting stronger. Getting stronger is for BOTH men and women. Do not be fooled by magazines and TV. Some men will not get big muscles if they do strength training and why or why not is a different blog post. Ladies, using the old “I don’t want to get bulky” is like saying you don’t want to go into biophysics because you don’t want to get too smart. Just because you go to biophysics class doesn’t mean you’ll get smart or even understand a word the professor is saying. Weight training is the same. Just because you do it, doesn’t mean you’ll get bulky. Will you gain lean muscle? Yes. Will you decrease body fat? Yes. Don’t like doing those things? Then this isn’t the place for you.

Conditioning commonly (but not correctly) called “cardio” is when you put out effort that increases your heart rate. This form of exercise is great for losing fat and maintaining lean muscle mall. Even better than long slow distance running. Did you know you can increase your heart rate while lifting weights? Yup, that’s like the ultimate form and combo of strength and conditioning.

How can strength and conditioning change your life?

Ask that a different way, maybe like this, “How can being stronger and having the ability to increase your heart rate without dying help me in life?” If the new wording still doesn’t help you see the light, I can think of 1,000 situations off the top when this can be beneficial. But let’s keep it simple. Here is a lis of some basics:

  • Picking up/chasing/playing with kids. This can be a life changer because you will not be a parent who just sits on their phone all the time missing out on small opportunities to change your kids life, not just your own.
  • Changing your tire when you have a flat. If you aren’t sure how to do this, please learn.
  • Running away from danger/protecting yourself or a loved one from danger.
  • Hanging a ceiling fan.
  • Walking up multiple flights of stairs.
  • Moving furniture

I could go on for days. When talking about strength and conditioning I’m not talking about being a body builder, or a powerlifter, or a competitive athlete. I’m talking about being a more useful human in life both for yourself and others. Stop putting weight training in a box and thinking it’s not for everyone. Everyday we do things that require strength. You don’t have to become the next world record dead-lifter, but be able to pick up your kids without throwing your back out. You don’t have to become the next track and field sensation, but if one day you need to chase a runaway dog, or child, you have the responsibility to have the ability to do so! This isn’t crazy talk. This is simple. Strength and conditioning can save your life, start lifting, start getting that heart rate up and start living a better life.

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