Don’t Chase Perfection

Don’t Chase Perfection

Don’t Chase Perfection

A write up by Coach David inspired by events, observations

Call it a disease controlled by society (uh oh, David is on some conspiracy stuff) or even by media but we have a disease and it’s called the “Chase of Perfection”. We need the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect pay check, the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect kid(s), the perfect husband/wife/girlfriend. We need the perfect everything and we try to publicize it on social media to make ourselves feel better and it’s all BULLSHIT. You are not perfect. I am not perfect, the people we love are not perfect, our kids act up, our cars break down, our bodies catch disease and sometimes put on weight and sometimes lose too much weight. It’s life, and life isn’t perfect so don’t chase perfection.

There is no cure for this disease. Wanting to be perfect happens whether you want it to or not. It’s natural. Some may desire to be less perfect than others, but we all want to, that’s just the truth. Just like some modern medication, there is something that can help subdue the disease. This medication is simply awareness. We need to be aware when we are too deep into the perfection race. Does it mean we will stop? Absolutely not. But we can avoid going to far, hurting others or ourselves in the process by being aware of our actions in order to reach what we believe to be perfection. Going some distances are not worth chasing perfection, so don’t chase perfection.

The day we realize that “perfect” cannot be achieved, we will see the greatest progress in life. We will rid ourselves of excuses, of the fear of failure and we will progress. I am not saying don’t work hard. I am saying to work hard, minus expectation. Give it 100% every time you do something but don’t get discouraged if it isn’t what you believe is “perfect”. When you work hard consistently over time, you will see progress. You will not see perfection, but progress. Don’t burn yourself out, don’t chase perfection.

I hope this short write up reaches at least one person. Someone who may be lost in the chase for perfection. Be it in sport, in life, in fitness, in work, anything. Give it your all, but do not be discouraged because no one, not even you, will ever be perfect.


If there are errors in this post…It’s cool, I’m not perfect.

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