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Fitness and Mental Wellbeing

Everyone knows it’s important to get some form of physical activity, be it a walk around the block, a bike ride or pumping iron at your local gym. Some people do it to lose weight, get ripped, or to tone up. You’ve probably also heard that exercise is good for overall fitness and mental wellbeing. Does it matter where this activity takes place? Is stepping out the door and going for a jog through your neighborhood just as good as heading to a park for a hike through the trees? There are some scientists at Stanford that would say it does matter, in fact, location is everything. Read More

Body Recovery Phase at OTL Fitness

Last week at OTL we began a body recovery phase after a 6 week olympic lifting cycle. Going in to it, we knew it wasn’t “sexy” but we also know that our athletes trust the process and the reasoning behind it. Here is a quick overview of what’s going on, why we are doing it, and the benefits we hope everyone sees from it.

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3 Healthy Places To Eat In Austin

If there is one common trait amongst 99% of OTL athletes, it is their desire for good food. Fortunately for us here in Austin, finding healthy places to eat in Austin is easy! Here are the 3 restaurants we recommend when you are looking for not only healthy but good food in Austin.

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The Basics of Fitness

OTL Fitness | Indoor Classes

This past weekend we Hosted Coach Dan John and Chip Conrad (Click their names to see their websites). The two presented their ideas/philosophies around strength training, programming, and more importantly the WHY of training/exercise. We love this topic because we understand that the gym is just the starting point. It is what happens when you leave that really matters.


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Moderation – The balance of health and fitness

Being health/wellness/fitness coaches, there is a common misunderstanding by others as to how we live our lives. We are many times looked upon as extremists without people knowing exactly who we are. On any typically day it is believed we, “workout all day” or “only eat really healthy” or “probably don’t do/eat that” because of our profession. Well, those assumptions are wrong.

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It’s Time You Get A Pull-up!

For some, the pull-up came when they were kids and never left, but for others, the complete opposite is true. When I was in 3rd grade a girl named Beth did 13 strict pull ups during a pull up contest in P.E. (side note- the award was a snickers bar…). She was a gymnast and I was very impressed. I can bet that if I ran into Beth today, she could still do at least 3 pull ups. That is assuming she hasn’t become obese and also assuming she doesn’t workout more than 2x/week.

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As most already know, the fitness world goes through phases. You may know some of these phases as: Aerobics, functional training, shake weight (just kidding that’s not really a phase), to the most recent phase of training, high intensity training.

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How To Correctly Start Your Training in 2015


Yes, break is over and we are back at it again. To be honest, not a lot is changing. We do a pretty great job at keeping the training creative and our cycles seem to keep everyone strong and on their toes! But how do we approach the first week back into training? And how should you approach the new year and your goals? Let’s chat…

From a professional standpoint it would not be ideal for me to throw you all into a heavy barbell gauntlet immediately after your time off. Mon-Wed will be mainly bodyweight movements, light barbell work and dumbbell exercises. Although all of you got in the gym at least 3 times during the break (right?) we still want to get your bodies back to moving. We want those joints to find that range of motion again, but we will not stress the body with heavy lifting right off the bat. Your barbell work will come into play on Thursday as we go into a short 4 week squatting and pulling cycle which will focus on squat foundation for some and increasing those squat numbers for others. Obviously this cycle being our Strength/Power/Speed portion.

Our other main focus going into 2015, by request, is body weight strength. This ladies and gentlemen is the foundation of our strength, we must master it. We will be writing more about that as we go through it.

If you have made any goals for 2015, please share them with me either publicly or privately. We want to know what you want to accomplish so we can help you get there! Whatever your goal may or may not be, make sure that being better than last year is part of it!

Questions about training? Just let me know!


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Commitment to Self



There is only 1 real secret to accomplishing goals and it has 2 parts. They are: 1) Find a program 2) Commit to it. When Brian started our corporate boot camp program with BancVue, he did exactly those two things and has reaped the rewards ever since.

Last night Coach Courtney presented Brian with a few gifts. An OTL T-shirt, and some Kill Cliffs! He wasn’t gifted for weight lost in a certain amount of time, or for being the strongest, or fastest, but for his commitment. We can call him Cal Ripken, because like Ripken, Brian hasn’t missed a day of training. Well, let’s correct that. He trains 2x/week with OTL Boot Camps. The days he hadn’t been able to make it, he has always made it up within that week. We honor Brian’s ability to commit. Many of us can find 100 reasons NOT to do something, but rarely find 1 good reason to never quit.

Great work Brian! And it goes without asking that his results have come along with this commitment to the OTL Boot Camp Program and Coach Courtney. We cannot wait to see what 2015 brings for you, your health and your wellness.


 “Coach Courtney is awesome. She keeps us motivated and she is what keeps us coming back” – Brian.


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Maintaining Your Fitness Over The Holidays


Hey athletes, Coach David here and man I am excited about Christmas! I know not everyone is a holiday fan, but the family time it brings is my favorite.  But for those who have been working their butts off, it can be a difficult time in fear of indulging too much and getting away from their progress. The first thing I want everyone to do is enjoy their time off. The second thing I want you to do is not ruin what you have earned. That being said, here are a few things you can do to stay on track!

The first thing I would suggest is maintaining a morning routine. This goes for both morning and afternoon athletes. I’ve talked about it before, but when you get up in the morning, set a push up, sit up and squat routine. I suggest 50 of each, but if you need to start somewhere closer to 25, that works as well….just do it twice. The intensity may not be the same of that in the gym, but it will give your body a boost every morning and keep your body used to getting in some work.

The second thing I would do is use a week during the break to try yoga. Yoga is excellent for revitalizing your body and mind. It doesn’t have to be an intense flow, even something mellow will help your body recover during the break while still getting in some exercise.

Third, I would Stay on top of your water drinking and quality of food. Remember there is only 1 day during the break that really requires any time of celebration with food and that day is Christmas. Just because you are on break from the gym, doesn’t mean it is open season for food.  Don’t wait for 2015 to start getting better, use the days leading put to the new year to start getting adjusted to better eating and hydration.

Finally, I would try something new. Never been kayaking? Go rent a kayak at Zilker Park. Haven’t ran the trails in Austin? Hit up the Green Belt! There are so many great activities, we just have to get away from the TV and computer for a bit and go enjoy it!

So don’t let this Holiday be the days you let yourself get away from…well…yourself. There are no excuses to be had. Go enjoy the body you’ve been given and use it to move and explore. Stick with quality foods and be sure to stay hydrated. 2015 will be here quickly, make sure you aren’t behind when we start training again!


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