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Project Row/Ski at OTL

Project Ski/Row at OTL with Jane Erbacher



We are super excited to announce that our dear friend, Jane Erbacher will be joining us from Australia on July 15th for a row and ski seminar at OTL Fitness.


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Jane is a fully certified Gym Jones instructor and currently holds the world record for most meters on a skierg in 4 minutes!

Jane will not only be covering the foundational techniques of rowing and skiing on the ergs, she will also get us all familiar with the anatomy of the rower as well (this should help with the old question: what is the damper for?).

Jane’s goal is to provide us with the knowledge we need of both the erg machines and our movement in order for us to get the most out of both our rowing and skiing. The more efficient we can become, the greater our ability to perform these movements to our greatest potential.

This course is far more valuable than registration price ($45) and we are limited to only 20 spots due to the number of skiergs we have. These machines are ones you will find in all gyms. The better you understand it and your body, the greater your ability to do work as effectively and efficiently as possible.






How much does the course cost? The cost for both session is only $45


What time will the course start/Finish? 9AM start time. 12PM Finish


What do I need to bring? Water, towel, snack, lots of positive energy!


What if I haven’t used either of these machines? That is perfect. This is a great way to learn how useful the machines can be to your fitness.



Little Lions Program

Little Lions Program

A holistic approach to health, wellness, and play for kids.

If you search kids fitness programs in Austin there are multiple options for two big topics: Yoga and Sports Camps. However, there is a lack of programs offering the whole. The “whole” being flexibility, mobility, body awareness, balance, coordination and most importantly, play. Our goal for the Little Lions Program is not to develop kids into athletes for a specific sport. It is also not our goal to have you send your child to a 1 hour yoga class, and we are not baby sitters who just have your kids run around with no end goal in mind and send them home tired.

So what is our goal? Our goal is to give your child a better understanding of movement, what it means to use your body to become stronger, the benefits of mobility, breathing/relaxation under stress, how to climb/run/jump/tumble, how to speak positively about themselves and others, teamwork, building confidence, concentration, and encourage creativity through fitness and play (play to us is the ability to move freely, without rules, while self establishing boundaries. Think kitten or puppies who play, but never hurt each other). Play is a natural component of humans but we neglect it too much.

Sign Up here > Little Lions Sign Up

As our society goes away from Physical Education classes and lack of encouragement for kids to move/play, we here at OTL Fitness continue to believe that movement is medicine for all ages. This isn’t about training your child for a specific sport, but instead giving them the tools to make fitness fun and always available when you can think outside of the box.

Who can participate?

The Little Lions Program is open to boys and girls ages 9-12. No athletic background is needed or necessary.

The course will be limited to 10.

When will the course run?

We will be launching a 4 week pilot program from June 6th – June 29th. Class time will be 3:30-4:30PM Tuesdays and Thursday.


How Much Will the Course Cost?

The Pilot Program will cost $120 per child with a $10 discount for parents with more than 1 child. (Ex: 2 children would be $110 per child). It is our intention to increase this price but all Pilot program attendees with be grandfathered in at the pilot price.


Sign up here Now> Little Lions Registration Page <

Please email us at or call us at 512-914-5080 if you have any questions or to reserve your spot today!

Warm Up For Runners


Warm Up For Runners

A Video Guide To Prep Your Body Before Your Run

Runners, it is time to put a stop to the old school warm up ways to rest. If you want to keep running for years to come, you have to do a better job of prepping your body before you hit the road/trails.

Here is a quick video that gives you a step by step approach to a warm up for runners. It may take a bit longer than your current warm up, but I guarantee it will help you not only be a better runner now, but it will keep you on your feet for years.

Do your body a favor and check out the video!

How to do a proper push up

How to do a proper push up

Coach David de Leon


The push up is a universal exercise that anyone can do be it from the toes or the feet. But many people still have yet to perfect how to do a proper push up.

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The horrible hundred



The Horrible Hundred is back this year and we want to get our OTL Family out there to have fun and throw it down. This is more of a “boot camp” style competition with more bodyweight movements and kettlebell movements. Not your typical OTL boot camp where you’d have rowers and heavy dumbbells 🙂 Read More

Toes To Bar Tutorial

Learning and Connecting your “Toes to Bar”

A quick toes to bar tutorial from Coach David and Courtney de Leon

Toes to bar can be a very tricky movement. When one lacks rhythm at the bottom of the movement it is difficult and for some even impossible to connect more than one. But no worries, we are here to help.

Most problems during the toes to bar occur at the body. There is one quick fix that is mentioned a few times in the video. The problem is hesitation at the bottom (explained in the video) if this can be fixed, you will have a much better time finding your rhythm during the movement.

If you have any questions about the movement please do not hesitate to ask. I’m happy to help as much as possible.

Here is a quick toes to bar tutorial video that is guaranteed to help you succeed when it comes to toes to bar.

Vacation Workout 6

Day 6 is already here. The 2 weeks flew by and training starts back full gear on Monday!

*If you do not have a rower, replace the row with a 1 mile run*

  • 2,000m Row
  • 100 push ups
  • 100 sit ups
  • 100 air squats
  • 2,000m Row

Go get it done!


Vacation Workout Day 5

*If you’ve gotten here via the email, today is day 5 not 4!

Vacation workout day 4 is similar to last weeks day 1 but for a longer period of time. Be sure to warm up, stretch and stay out of the comfort zone during the work.

For the cool down, the RDL’s should be lightly weight if possible. Remember, you can use anything here for weight!


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Vacation Workout 4

So you are 1 week down. Christmas is officially over and you still have 1 week of no classes. DO NOT tell yourself you are going to wait until the new year. It will no be fun returning to the gym on January 2nd knowing you haven’t done SOMETHING.

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Vacation Workout Day 3

It’s almost! Just because Christmas is almost here doesn’t mean you can’t workout.

Day 3 workout is quick and can all be done in the comfort of your own home!

Work hard, have fun, Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday!


Day 3
Warm Up
3 sets:

– 10 Air squats

– 10 Push Ups

– 10 V-ups


3 sets:

– Lateral Lunges x 8

– Forward lunge stretch x 8


Conditioning Work
20/20 x 6 rounds of each:

– Squat/Hold

– Push Up/FLR

– Squat Jump/Rest

– Mt. Climbers/FLR (yes, again)


Cool down
3 sets:

– Superman x 15

– V-Up x 20

– Russian Twists x 50