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Concept 2 Rowing Tips

Photo: Weston Carls

Rowing on the Concept 2 rower is something we have done over and over again in the gym and some amazing results have come from it. I try to teach as many points as possible, but sometimes when the same person tell you the same thing over and over again, we have a tendency to not listen. So I found this awesome video from Dark Horse Rowing and it is a great foundational video for concept 2 rowing tips.

*Photo By Weston Carls

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The Best Boot Camp In Austin

To claim yourself as the best at something takes a lot of….courage. No matter the industry, there is always a TON of competition doing everything they can to be the best as well. But sometimes you just know when you cannot be topped. No, OTL Boot Camps aren’t the biggest in the area. We don’t have 50 coaches with spots all over the city of Austin. But that is something we actually take pride in. We are about quality over quantity and when we say we are the best boot camp in Austin, we mean it. Read More

The Awesome That is Corporate Fitness

Over the past year OTL Fitness and more specifically, Coach Courtney Carlisle, have built up an awesome corporate fitness program with Austin based companies, BancVue and SpiceWorks. Although our reach to Austin Companies is only in the beginning stages, we have already seen the immediate effects of awesome that OTL training brings to the corporate world! From building relationships amongst co-workers, to improving the culture within an organization, OTL has helped provide it all.

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