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Moderation – The balance of health and fitness

Being health/wellness/fitness coaches, there is a common misunderstanding by others as to how we live our lives. We are many times looked upon as extremists without people knowing exactly who we are. On any typically day it is believed we, “workout all day” or “only eat really healthy” or “probably don’t do/eat that” because of our profession. Well, those assumptions are wrong.

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The Importance of Longevity and Fitness

Why do you train? What makes you show up for class 2, 3, or even 4 + times per week and push through workouts? Everyone has a different reason, as they should, and each reason is important. However, in the long run, there is one goal everyone should share and that goal is longevity. Family, fitness, fun, and health, are only a few of the reasons your longevity is so important.

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Dads need to workout too!


Buck, father of 3. Works in IT and runs trails on weekends.

Whether you are a new dad, or one who is already sending your kids off to college, exercise should be important to you. For one, your family wants you around a long time, secondly, one day you will be a grandparent and you don’t want to be in a rocking chair all the time. You want to be mobile, to have the freedom of movement and the ability to play now and play later.

If you are interested in our classes, email us. Maybe we are just what you need to live a long happy life.

Muscle Ups and Cleans

muscle ups hips up jc andrew

Of The Lion Fitness Athletes came in and did a tremendous job with the cleans and muscle up workout yesterday. Those who are not able to do muscle ups, yet, were given the pull up scale instead.

As you start to get stronger with your pull up another key component of the muscle up is the swing to the top. Always remember to pull your hips to the rings. The higher your hips as you move up, the easier it will be for you to create a lever and bring your chest through and over the rings.

Notice in the picture how high the athlete in motion has his hips. Are his muscle up good? Yes, they are great. And due to his hips, they are effecient as well.

Enjoy your weekend, eat great and hydrate!