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How to workout at home

One of the worst excuses anyone can have for not getting a workout in is that they couldn’t make it to the gym. As though if you are not physically in a gym, you cannot workout. Don’t get me wrong, I know the gym environment is motivating and with a coach there to help you don’t have to think. But, I’m talking about the times you can’t make it in. Knowing how to workout at home may not be as simple as we all think, so here’s a layout for those wanting to know how to workout at home.

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Toes To Bar Struggle Stops Here

The toes to bar struggle stops here

We know the struggle when it comes to toes to bar. Not being able to catch the rhythm, getting one then not being able to get the next, or that awkward swing that starts just after a few attempts. Well the toes to bar struggle stops here. There is a very simple fix to toes to bar and we have it for you.

Glute, Thigh and Ab Circuit For Women

Ladies! We know time, space and equipment can sometimes get in the way of getting the glutes, thighs and midline you’ve always wanted. Well no more excuses, we are hear to help.

We’ve created a 3 part glute, thigh and ab circuit series specifically for ladies looking to strengthen their midline, tighten that booty, and burn fat!

Watch, learn and DO! Let us know if you have any questions about any of the workouts, we will be happy to help.


Waxman Super Sliders: Reverse Lunges

   Super Slider Reverse Lung Video Demo


We have been implementing Waxman Super Sliders to our workouts in class during out reset phase. The video demo below is for Reverse Lunges. Reverse lunges have provided our athletes the ability to strengthen midline, hips, and quads while being able to strength the hip flexor and psoas as well.

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How To Do Double Unders

Have you ever faced the frustration of not being able to get your double unders down? We’ve seen it before in the gym. Be it cussing under the breath, or letting the jump rope fly in the air, for some, double unders just don’t come natural. No worries! We have brought you the perfect How to do double unders video just for you!

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At Home Workouts

Many of the students at OTL ask the very same and great question, “What should I do at home on my days off?”. Since this question comes up so often, we thought we would give a few pointers for you all to look back on during those days off or during the days you can’t get to the gym.

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How To Do Ring Dips

Hey athletes! Ring dips may or may not pop up into your workout (they should) but in case they do and you have any questions about how to do them, here is a quick how-to video on small and large technique cues to look out for!

I hope you enjoy. Oh, and please let us know if there is a movement you need help with!

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