How To Do Double Unders

Have you ever faced the frustration of not being able to get your double unders down? We’ve seen it before in the gym. Be it cussing under the breath, or letting the jump rope fly in the air, for some, double unders just don’t come natural. No worries! We have brought you the perfect How to do double unders video just for you!

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3 Healthy Places To Eat In Austin

If there is one common trait amongst 99% of OTL athletes, it is their desire for good food. Fortunately for us here in Austin, finding healthy places to eat in Austin is easy! Here are the 3 restaurants we recommend when you are looking for not only healthy but good food in Austin.

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How to lose weight like a BOSS!

Losing weight like a boss is easy, but you’d better read the entire post!

Weight loss is by far the most popular reason someone joins a gym. They want that 20-something body back (maybe) or are trying to lose everything they gained during their 20-somethings. Either way, it is a totally reasonable statement and will remain the #1 reason behind gym visits. But how? How do you actually lose weight? Treadmill 1 hour? Lift weights? Crunches (please lord don’t do this one to lose weight)? I am not going to give “The Secret” on how to lose weight, because there isn’t one. But, I am going to help steer you in the right direction.

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The Basics of Fitness

OTL Fitness | Indoor Classes

This past weekend we Hosted Coach Dan John and Chip Conrad (Click their names to see their websites). The two presented their ideas/philosophies around strength training, programming, and more importantly the WHY of training/exercise. We love this topic because we understand that the gym is just the starting point. It is what happens when you leave that really matters.


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Moderation – The balance of health and fitness

Being health/wellness/fitness coaches, there is a common misunderstanding by others as to how we live our lives. We are many times looked upon as extremists without people knowing exactly who we are. On any typically day it is believed we, “workout all day” or “only eat really healthy” or “probably don’t do/eat that” because of our profession. Well, those assumptions are wrong.

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It’s Time You Get A Pull-up!

For some, the pull-up came when they were kids and never left, but for others, the complete opposite is true. When I was in 3rd grade a girl named Beth did 13 strict pull ups during a pull up contest in P.E. (side note- the award was a snickers bar…). She was a gymnast and I was very impressed. I can bet that if I ran into Beth today, she could still do at least 3 pull ups. That is assuming she hasn’t become obese and also assuming she doesn’t workout more than 2x/week.

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At Home Workouts

Many of the students at OTL ask the very same and great question, “What should I do at home on my days off?”. Since this question comes up so often, we thought we would give a few pointers for you all to look back on during those days off or during the days you can’t get to the gym.

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As most already know, the fitness world goes through phases. You may know some of these phases as: Aerobics, functional training, shake weight (just kidding that’s not really a phase), to the most recent phase of training, high intensity training.

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The Importance of Longevity and Fitness

Why do you train? What makes you show up for class 2, 3, or even 4 + times per week and push through workouts? Everyone has a different reason, as they should, and each reason is important. However, in the long run, there is one goal everyone should share and that goal is longevity. Family, fitness, fun, and health, are only a few of the reasons your longevity is so important.

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