Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte

Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte

A recipe from Coach Courtney De Leon

Alright, y’all. October is here, which means it’s basically Thanksgiving and Christmas, WHICH MEANS….

Starbucks has RELEASED THE KRAKEN of fall latte flavors, specifically the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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Protein Pancake Recipe

Protein Pancake Recipe

A quick, easy and healthy option for protein pancakes from Coach Courtney

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, hands down. So much so that I almost always eat breakfast twice in one day! These are the perks of waking up at the crack of dawn!

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What are good snacks for work?

What are good snacks for work?

A quick guide to helping you decide what to snack on during the day

A common question we get when trying to get people on the right path with their nutrition is, What are good snacks for work? Many times the main 3 meals of the day, Breakfast, lunch and dinner are easy to plan for and prepare, but it’s those very important in between meals that seem to give everyone the biggest trouble. So here’s our quick guide to better snacking during the day.

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What is your why?

What is your why?

We all have one, we just might not know it

Why do you go to the gym? What keeps you coming back each and every day? Some may say it is the coaching, or the people, or the workouts, but I think it goes far beyond those factors. We all have a very strong why that goes deeper than those examples but we tend to keep it buried. Some may be embarrassed to say it, others may not even know it is there. But discovering your why and being open about it can really take your effort, and your determination to the next level.

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Your attitude affects your workouts

Your attitude affects you workout

How getting your mind right can change the game for you and your peers

We all know that our attitude can affect the way we live our lives. If we approach our day to day with a positive attitude, things seem to go much better for us than when we start off on a negative note. This same principal applies at the gym as well. With this in mind, have you considered how your attitude affects your workout and the workout of those around you?

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Reasons why you have bad workout days

Not every day in the gym is going to be perfect. That being said, you shouldn’t have multiple bad days in a week. So what are the reasons we have bad workout days? It can vary and there are a lot of outside influences, but in this write up we will cover 4 reasons why you have bad workout days.

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How to get more out of your workout

How to get more out of your workout

Coach David Delon

Even on the days you leave the gym feeling dead tired, there may be a little voice inside your head that says, “You could have done more”. We constantly underestimate our bodies ability to push beyond our mental limits. That’s right, even when our muscles feel fatigued, we usually give up mentally before physically.

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The Fundamentals of a Backsquat

The Fundamentals of a Back Squat

A video detailing the proper fundamentals of a back squat set up from Coach Courtney Deleon



Squatting isn’t just sitting down and standing up! In this video Coach Courtney delivers the things you should think about when setting up for a squat. When you perfect the fundamentals of a back squat, you will quickly increase the weight you can lift. What’s your squat set up like?

Project Row/Ski at OTL

Project Ski/Row at OTL with Jane Erbacher



We are super excited to announce that our dear friend, Jane Erbacher will be joining us from Australia on July 15th for a row and ski seminar at OTL Fitness.


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Jane is a fully certified Gym Jones instructor and currently holds the world record for most meters on a skierg in 4 minutes!

Jane will not only be covering the foundational techniques of rowing and skiing on the ergs, she will also get us all familiar with the anatomy of the rower as well (this should help with the old question: what is the damper for?).

Jane’s goal is to provide us with the knowledge we need of both the erg machines and our movement in order for us to get the most out of both our rowing and skiing. The more efficient we can become, the greater our ability to perform these movements to our greatest potential.

This course is far more valuable than registration price ($45) and we are limited to only 20 spots due to the number of skiergs we have. These machines are ones you will find in all gyms. The better you understand it and your body, the greater your ability to do work as effectively and efficiently as possible.






How much does the course cost? The cost for both session is only $45


What time will the course start/Finish? 9AM start time. 12PM Finish


What do I need to bring? Water, towel, snack, lots of positive energy!


What if I haven’t used either of these machines? That is perfect. This is a great way to learn how useful the machines can be to your fitness.



Little Lions Program

Little Lions Program

A holistic approach to health, wellness, and play for kids.

If you search kids fitness programs in Austin there are multiple options for two big topics: Yoga and Sports Camps. However, there is a lack of programs offering the whole. The “whole” being flexibility, mobility, body awareness, balance, coordination and most importantly, play. Our goal for the Little Lions Program is not to develop kids into athletes for a specific sport. It is also not our goal to have you send your child to a 1 hour yoga class, and we are not baby sitters who just have your kids run around with no end goal in mind and send them home tired.

So what is our goal? Our goal is to give your child a better understanding of movement, what it means to use your body to become stronger, the benefits of mobility, breathing/relaxation under stress, how to climb/run/jump/tumble, how to speak positively about themselves and others, teamwork, building confidence, concentration, and encourage creativity through fitness and play (play to us is the ability to move freely, without rules, while self establishing boundaries. Think kitten or puppies who play, but never hurt each other). Play is a natural component of humans but we neglect it too much.

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As our society goes away from Physical Education classes and lack of encouragement for kids to move/play, we here at OTL Fitness continue to believe that movement is medicine for all ages. This isn’t about training your child for a specific sport, but instead giving them the tools to make fitness fun and always available when you can think outside of the box.

Who can participate?

The Little Lions Program is open to boys and girls ages 9-12. No athletic background is needed or necessary.

The course will be limited to 10.

When will the course run?

We will be launching a 4 week pilot program from June 6th – June 29th. Class time will be 3:30-4:30PM Tuesdays and Thursday.


How Much Will the Course Cost?

The Pilot Program will cost $120 per child with a $10 discount for parents with more than 1 child. (Ex: 2 children would be $110 per child). It is our intention to increase this price but all Pilot program attendees with be grandfathered in at the pilot price.


Sign up here Now> Little Lions Registration Page <

Please email us at or call us at 512-914-5080 if you have any questions or to reserve your spot today!