Best Ab Workouts

Best Ab Workouts

Best Ab Workouts

Do they actually exists?

There are a few things about the fitness industry that just drive me completely nuts. One of them is definitely the question, “What workouts/exercises should I do to get abs?”. It’s not the question specifically that drives me nuts, but how the question is asked. As though there is a routine you can do for 5 minutes, 2x/week and BAM, you get abs. Let’s get down to the truth about the best ab workouts.

Truth #1: there is no such thing as the best ab workouts that will help you get definition in your abs. It’s false. All the advertisements you see on TV are lies! No matter how many times you sit in an ab chair, you will not miraculously get abs. So if you thought I was going to give you a secret ab magic routine, you can stop reading here.

Truth #2: Abs (being mentioned here as the visible/defined muscles of the abdomen) are created in both the gym and the kitchen, but mostly the kitchen. If you are not eating right, you will never have visible abs. Bad eating + a lot of sit ups = a sore neck from all those sit ups. Get your eating on track and start by losing belly fat via clean dieting.

Truth#3: Your genetic make up has a lot to do with whether or not you have visible abs. HAULT! Do not get me wrong here. Don’t start using, “Oh it’s just genetics” as an excuse. More people are capable of having visible abs than are not, but some body types (endomorphic) can find it harder than other body types to develop visible abs.




Truth #4: Not having visible abs even with low body fat % doesn’t mean you are soft. I know plenty of athletic people who eat well and train hard that just don’t produce visible abs. On the contrary I know people with visible abs that have a very WEAK midline.

Truth #5: Be more concerned about developing a strong midline and core and spend less time focusing on visible abs. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, KB carries, Over head squats, L-Sits, sprinting, and over head pressing can be the best workouts for a strong midline. Focus on incorporating these lifts into your standard routine along with clean eating. You may be surprised to see abs when focusing on better eating in conjunction with the movements I just talked about.




Don’t fall into the trap of “The best ab workouts” in order to development visible abs. Focus on clean eating, and large lifts that help strengthen the core/midline. In the long run, they will give you the biggest bang for your buck in all areas of fitness.


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