A New Cycle Begins

A New Cycle Begins

I love when people ask what cycle we are on. Like seriously, I love it. There are few things better than having students who care about what they are doing. Not just showing up to go through the motions, but actually care. So for those who are wondering, yes a new cycle begins.

Our next cycle is a squat cycle with our conditioning being focused on power output.  Last Cycle we focused on volume work in both our weightlifting and with our breathing. What you will notice this time are fewer repetitions during your Strength/Power/Speed section with a LARGE focus on squats. But no worries, that doesn’t necessarily mean we will ONLY be squatting our lives away. It will be fun and as always, different.

As far as breathing goes, you will notice high powered output workouts that are short in duration. Think, 20 sets of 15 second skierg sprints…Don’t think about the airdyne, it may make you a bit queasy.

These next 6 weeks will be a blast, so be ready!


– Coach David de Leon

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